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Chapel Hill Memorial Park Rules & Regulations

General Rules

The below highlights important rules, regulations, and policies of the Cemetery. If you have a question, which is not specifically answered here, please contact the Cemetery Office.

Use of the Cemetery shall, at all times, be subject to the limitations, restrictions and conditions of Chapel Hill Memorial Park.

The Cemetery reserves the right to correct or remove, at any time, any decoration or planting that is unsightly, overgrown or violates any decoration regulations.

We all have a common purpose – memorializing our beloved deceased at their graves and niches, while maintaining the overall order, beauty, and tidiness of our Cemetery grounds and buildings.

We thank you for your continued cooperation.


Decorating & Cleaning Periods


After Thanksgiving - March 15th


March 16th – April 15th


April 16th – October 15th


October 16th – Thanksgiving

* Prior to the Cleaning Date, please remove all items you wish to keep.

Cleaning Period

The Cemetery Staff cleans the entire Cemetery twice a year. In the process, they will remove and discard all artificial decorations and annual plantings from the previous decorating period. Perennials will be trimmed flush to the ground during the Fall Cleaning Period.

You must remove artificial decorations that you wish to save before the beginning of each cleaning period.

Once the Cemetery Staff has removed a decoration, we are unable to retrieve it. No decorations are allowed until cleaning is complete.

Once a specific area has been cleaned, even if the cleaning period has not expired, the regulations of the next decorating period will prevail.

Visitation Policy

Visit Chapel Hill Memorial Park from Sunrise to Sunset and enjoy peaceful solitude.

The Cemetery is committed to public Safety and Security, so please respect those on the grounds and extend these courtesies:

Speed Limit: 5 MPH - No Dogs, No Bicycles, or Skate Boarders

Visitation after hours is considered trespassing and will be subject to municipal fines.

Decorating Policy

All plantings should be no more than 12” IN FRONT of the monument and 12” on the back, if owned by the family.

Please do not plant on either side of the headstone. Chapel Hill Memorial Park is not responsible for maintaining plantings on the graves. Grave Owners or Care Givers are expected to maintain their plantings and adhere to the stated “Cleaning” periods.

Accepted Decorations

Annuals, Perenials, Artificial Flowers, American Flags & Shepherds Hooks.

Other Decorating Regulations

The cemetery shall have the right to remove all objects whose appearance and condition warrant removal and/or violate the Cemetery’s Decorations Policy and Regulations.

The Cemetery will not be liable for any flower or decoration removed or lost by any cause.

Unaccepted Decorations

Bushes, Trees, Edging, Fencing, Curbing, Stones, Woodchips, Wire Decorations, Stuffed Animals, Toys, Glass Objects, Balloons, Containers, Free Standing Vases & Baskets, Garden Stones, Balloons, etc.

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